Meeting Ourselves — an ongoing therapy group for men

We are living in a time of immense instability, transition and change of identities. Who we are, and how we experience and recognise ourselves as men, is a key part of this.

Working in a group offers us a community of belonging, collaboration and learning, as we do our own work, and witness and engage with others doing theirs. In the group we can practise and grow trust, and help each other to heal, develop, and become stronger. As we meet with each other, we also meet ourselves.

Through this, we can form a view of ourselves and a way of life that is truthful, compassionate and sustainable, over time. We can evolve, individually and collectively, by becoming aware of and ending old attitudes and patterns of being, thinking, feeling and behaving that are redundant and no longer work for us; and through shaping and establishing new patterns of living and communicating that support us to thrive and grow.

I am running this men’s group to provide a space to help us to deepen our awareness, experience and satisfaction; to explore and form new perspectives on ourselves, our lives and our relationships; and to become the men we are, not the men we think we should be.

How to join the group

If you think you would like to join the group, please email me to arrange an initial meeting, to explore what you would like for yourself in joining, and to discuss the practicalities. 

Dates and times

Starting January 2023, each term we will meet on six evenings on a Tuesday, 18:00-20:30, plus one full Saturday, 10.00-17:00.

Fee and commitment

The fee for the group is £360 per term, payable in monthly instalments. There will be a maximum of eight participants and the minimum commitment is three terms.


Homa, 26 Lloyd Baker Street, London WC1X 9AW. Homa is between Angel and King’s Cross tube stations.