Come home to yourself

Starting therapy, whether individual or in a group, is a way to come home to ourselves, an opportunity to create more internal stability in an increasingly fast-paced, turbulent world. It’s deciding we want something different for ourselves, even if we’re not initially clear what that might look like.

Psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to share and explore your deepest self. If we work together, you and I form a particular, professional relationship to enable you to experience yourself with greater awareness. We can identify and work with your embodied patterns, roles and identities, and how these play out in your relationships with yourself and others. Over time you can practise new ways of responding to yourself and others. By doing this you can discover more satisfying ways of living your life.

I believe therapy is fundamentally about supporting us to grow and become the person we want to be, while appreciating the person we have been and the person we are now. Growth is an ongoing process over the course of our life – in therapy we can learn what enables us to grow, and how we get in our own way. In this we can become more self-referenced; more responsible for, more loving and compassionate towards ourselves, whatever is happening in our lives at the time. In the process we can learn how to become more stable and confident; more able to manage whatever we encounter as we live our life, moment to moment, day to day.