Humanistic therapy and the therapeutic relationship

I’m a humanistic therapist, which means I offer a holistic view of what it means to be a person. I believe we’re able to develop our potential and form more meaningful, satisfying lives, grounded in personal responsibility. While we might bring past experiences into the work, and look ahead to what you might want for yourself, I find working in the present to be most fruitful. Being a humanistic therapist also means I view therapy as a means for growth rather than about fixing someone who might believe they’re broken. My work is relationship-centred as much as person-centred, so how you relate to me informs and forms part of our work. It’s been proven in studies that the client and therapist relationship is a key factor in successful outcomes in therapy. This is regardless of the modality – the type – of therapy. It’s therefore important that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable, and with whom you’re able to build an effective working relationship.

Working in the present also means we’re able to explore how you’re present: how you embody your experience and how you can start to form something new for your self. Formative Psychology® is a humanistic, evolutionary, educational approach to working, rooted in the body to form new possibilities for ourselves. On the surface it might seem subtle, even simplistic; I find it an incredibly rich practice that helps me to be more fully present with myself, and to manage myself as an adult.