Starting therapy

Our first session together will be a chance for us to explore what you would like to work on, an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and a chance for us both to decide whether we might work together for a shorter or longer time. I charge for this first session as I believe this is where the work begins and that there’s value in this exploration, whether or not you decide to continue with further sessions.

In the first session we will talk about practical matters such as the time and frequency of sessions. I prefer to work weekly – at least initially – and we can review the frequency of our sessions along the way.

My fees are £60 for a fifty-minute session. I offer some of my time to reduced-cost work with those on lower incomes.

All contact you have with me will be confidential – even the fact that you’ve contacted me. There are some very specific and rare circumstances in which this would not apply, and I will discuss these with you at our first meeting.