Starting counselling and psychotherapy

Starting counselling and psychotherapy can be a big step, particularly if you’ve not experienced it before. You might have all sorts of feelings about seeking support for yourself. You might not know what to expect, or have a fantasy about what will happen; or maybe you have specific hopes or expectations. Do you have questions about how it works? I would encourage you to call or email to have a phone conversation before we arrange an initial session, to discuss what you’re experiencing, and what you’re looking for in coming to see a counsellor or psychotherapist.

If we both decide to proceed, our first session together is an opportunity for us to explore what you would like to work on, for you to ask me further questions, and a chance for us both to decide whether we might work together for a shorter or longer time. I charge for this first session as I believe this is where the work begins and that there’s value in this exploration, whether or not we decide to continue with further sessions.

In the first session we will talk about practical matters such as the time and frequency of sessions. I work weekly – at least initially – to help us establish a working relationship.


My fee is £75 for a fifty-minute session (the initial session lasts an hour). I offer some of my time to reduced-cost work with those on lower incomes. You can make payment in each session, or some people like to pay for blocks of sessions in advance. I accept payment by cash or cheque in the session, or BACS payment before the session (I send out an information sheet which includes my bank details after our first session). If you require a receipt, please ask me.

Cancellation and missed session policy

If you are unable to attend a session please let me know as soon as possible. I require at least 72 hours (3 days) notice, based on the start time of our session:
For a Monday session: Friday
For a Tuesday session: Saturday
For a Wednesday session: Sunday
For a Thursday session: Monday
For a Friday session: Tuesday

Please note, if you don’t come to a session for any reason with less notice of cancellation than the above, or if you miss your session without making contact, I will still require payment of the full fee.

I will give you as much advance notice as possible if I need to cancel any of our appointments, or if I’m going to have a break or holiday, and ask that you do the same.


All contact you have with me will be confidential – even the fact that you’ve contacted me. There are some very specific and rare circumstances in which this would not apply, and I will discuss these with you at our first meeting.

If you have any other questions about the practicalities of working with me, please email or call me to arrange a phone conversation: / 07718 988733.