How can counselling and psychotherapy help you?

What’s prompted you to seek counselling or psychotherapy? Are you struggling in some way and looking for support? Does life feel like a labyrinth, a maze in which you’re lost? Do you find yourself in the same place time and again, as if you’re going round in circles? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you experiencing what’s commonly called anxiety or depression? Are you aware of patterns of behaviour and relating that no longer serve you well, yet you’re not sure how to do things differently? Or maybe you’re experiencing a crisis or a time of change and transition, and would like to find ways to manage this.

Experience | Experiment | Learn | Grow

Counselling and psychotherapy – therapy for short – offers us an opportunity to share and explore our deepest selves. In the safety of the therapeutic relationship we can practise new ways of responding to ourselves and others, and learn more satisfying ways of living our lives. In both shorter- and longer-term work we can identify and work with patterns and identities we embody, and how these play out in our relationships with ourselves and others.

I believe therapy is fundamentally about supporting us to grow, to enable us to become more responsible for and more loving towards ourselves, whatever is happening in our lives. Growth is an ongoing, evolving process, and in therapy we can learn what supports us to grow, and what gets in the way. For me, a key benefit and goal of therapy is learning the art of self-management and self-regulation, through experiencing, exploring and experimenting with how we use ourselves and how we form both familiar and new attitudes and behaviour. In doing this we can learn how to become more resilient, responsive, and confident; more able to manage whatever happens in our life.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson